15 December 2012

Cry. Heal. Repeat.

I am not a parent. I am not an American. I am not a shooter. I'm simply a person across several time zones from Connecticut right now who witnessed what the world did. A massacre. Brutality. Let's face the facts. It happens all the time in many countries. On a daily basis. It will happen again. Now turn around and go get a cup of tea, sigh, cry a little, feel better, have a second cup of tea and go shopping for tonight's dinner. The next time, you'll be the one in the supermarket being shot at, with that bottle of wine dripping on the floor, mixing with your own blood. Because it will happen. It's not an if. It's a when. 

Through the entire tragedy of Sandy Hook, there are three clear things that have surfaced and I'm stating them in absolute terms, with no exceptions, zero apology for profanity or emphasis and plenty of evidence. 

1) The NRA are fucking criminal bastards. 
2) This is not a mental health issue; it's a gun availability issue.
3) You are already too fucking late. 

It's no longer a question of debate; in fact it hasn't been one for years. Death and taxes don't include the phrase death by murder. When you ensure, as a nation, that bullets and candy are available less than a mile apart, you're ensuring a million Virginia Techs, a million Sandy Hooks and the inevitable destruction of an actual population who will one day see no value in having a child. This isn't just about the USA being lackadaisical, nay, criminally stupid in its gun control legislation and clearly President Obama, while shedding a tear on international television still didn't have the gumption to come prepared with actionable words. Like everything else, it's about the profitability of keeping it so. Some other White House idiot said today isn't the time to discuss policy. That's right you moron. It isn't. That time has long since passed you by. The time to grieve isn't mutually exclusive to the time for action, to redress, to rectify, to change. Bloomberg, for all his nonsense, was right when he said 'This must end today.' 

But will it? America is so fond of telling the world what to do and how to do it. Doesn't look so easy now, does it? A friend of mine, an American, said today: shame, shame, shame on my country. I'd go a step further. Shame, shame, shame on all human beings. Someone should have stopped at monkeys.